marketing programS


How to stand out in a competitive environment

Managers must have formal and informal authority with respect to their co-workers, customers and competitors. They must present themselves and their company well. Program Objectives:
  • enterprise management as a system
  • stages of the decision-making process and the quality of decision-making
  • human resource management
    • selection of employees
    • evaluation of employees
    • leadership and teamwork
    • corporate training
  • communication, negotiation
  • conducting meetings
  • time-management
  • company culture
  • company presentation
  • creativity techniques
    • brainstorming
    • brainwriting

Networks of contacts and relationships as a competitive advantage

The training program is designed not only for middle managers, but for anyone whose job performance depends on dealing with people. The goal of the training program is to understand the principles of relational intelligence and learn how to use it to achieve success. Participants will learn about the nature and principles of relational intelligence. They will gain the knowledge needed to create and strengthen relationships with partners, networks and contacts. Program Objectives:
  • the importance of relational intelligence
  • principles of relational intelligence
  • creating and strengthening relationships with partners
  • communication and positive attitude
  • building a network of contacts and relationships

Professional salesperson

The training program is conducted in an interactive way and is designed for aspiring salespeople, sales representatives and intermediaries. Programme focus:
  • defining professional sales skills
  • characteristics of a successful salesperson
  • personal diagnosis – revealing strengths and weaknesses
  • customer expectations
  • how to gain customer trust
  • customer motivation
  • key activities in a sales conversation
  • getting objections, correct argumentation
  • how to plan the time and sequence of meetings
  • personal image

Professional sales skills

The training program is designed for salespeople, sales department staff, sales team leaders, especially those who want to succeed in the competition. Focus of the program:
  • goal setting
  • how to make an appointment and generate customer interest at this stage
  • conducting a sales conversation in a professional manner
  • sales cycle
  • communication and communication barriers
  • proper questioning
  • how to overcome objections
  • proper argumentation
  • conflict resolution, types of customers
  • how to win customers for long-term cooperation


Telemarketing is one of the areas that is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. Program Objectives:
  • the importance and use of telemarketing
  • verbal communication
  • voice technology
  • construction of a telephone call
  • how to handle phone calls (complaints, claims, types of people)
  • handling objections, proper argumentation
  • equipping the telemarketing department
  • administration of the telemarketing department